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Recently, I had to say a temporary goodbye to my fiancee as she left to attend PA school in Tennessee. Her school is in a teeny tiny (but beautiful!) town and she would have to be spending so much time in class and studying, we decided it made the most sense for us to split up geographically for the two years she's in school and have a long distance relationship. So, she's in Tennessee and I'm now back in my hometown of Salt Lake City.

Separating was certainly not easy, but the advantage of having a jewelry company is that I get to make custom (some might say cheesy) going away presents! I wanted to make something special for her; one part that she could hang on her new wall and look at every day, one part that she could wear on the necklace she never takes off.

I started by stamping lyrics from the classic An American Tail song on a brass plate:

I then made two moons cut from the same circle so they fit together perfectly - one for her to wear and one for me to wear:


I finished up by framing the brass plate next to a photo of us, which is in her new room now, and we both never take our moons off. When I'm missing her extra badly, I can touch the little moon and know that she's got the other half on her at that moment and I feel connected.

Arrowhead Hunting

A few months ago, I got to spend a few days in central Utah exploring nature and escaping the outside world. My family has a house just outside a tiny town that's just outside of Capitol Reef National Park. If you've never been to Capitol Reef, it looks like this:It's a land of red rock [...]

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Farewell, and so much LOVE!

Saying goodbye to Sahra. Saying hello to the new face of Swoon, Jessie Berggren. A note from Sahra: I'm not sure what lies ahead for me but I am so excited to open a new chapter in my life. The last 11 years have been nothing short of amazing thanks to all of you. What [...]

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Having A Voice

We wanted to take a moment and share with you - our customers, friends, and family our thoughts, and our belief that love always wins; that it is time to use our voices to lift up our friends, to show compassion to our adversaries and to embrace that we are different and unique and that [...]

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Love for Orlando

Tragedies are all too common these days. Another day, another shooting…another bombing…another attack…another natural disaster. We can almost become numb to the loss of life and destruction, especially when it’s not in our neighborhood. But some tragedies, even ones across the country, can hit really close to home.Such was the case with the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. When [...]

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a new chapter

Earlier this week we said goodbye to our sweet little shop in Louisville and turning the page to a new chapter here at Swoon.  Over the past year {yep, you guessed it, as soon as Scarlett was born!} my amazing husband built a studio in the backyard where I can work and be a mama. [...]

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Our Biggest Sale Ever!

Mother's Day is May 8th & We want to spoil you! $100 {take $25 off} use code: mamalove251$200 {take $50 off} use code: mamalove252$300 {take $75 off} use code: mamalove253$400 {take $100 off} use code: mamalove254 $500 {take $125 off} use code: mamalove255 500+ take 25% off your total order: mamalove2525Make sure to order by May [...]

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Glimpse : Meet Dona

Dona Laurita is a photographer & artist {and our studio neighbor!}  She is the brilliant eye and mind behind "Chalice of Memory" the second installment of our Glimpse Collection.  We love the lines and light coming through the glass that makes it feel like it is sparkling.  Paired with raw diamonds, gemstones & sterling silver [...]

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Introducing Glimpse! Meet Jennifer Mercede

Have you ever dreamed about a project? Thought about it in the wee small hours of the morning? Felt excited every single time it runs across your mind?  Well, you're looking at mine, Glimpse. Glimpse is a collaboration of jewelry & art.One piece of original art is created by each artist, and from the piece of [...]

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There Is Nothing Like a Parent's Love

Infinite Love, the message that these parents wanted their boys to know. These custom cuffs have a secret message inside and on the outside 2 handmade symbols: a heart and an infinity sign.As this family is growing and these boys head off to college they will be reminded of where they came from with [...]

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