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What A Year


We're only three months into 2020 and it already feels like we've lived a years worth of events, emotions and stresses. The last couple weeks in particular as information and fears about COVID-19 have escalated more quickly than it seems possible to keep up with. Two weeks ago I went to a college gymnastics meet in a sold out arena, and now I have no contact with anyone outside my house.

The disruption to regular life right now still feels surreal…in the big ways like constant worry about the safety of loved ones, and in the less important ways like not having any sports to watch.

And of course, the overwhelming sadness for the millions of people whose lives have been completely upended in so many different ways. I know how lucky I am to not have a retail shop that needs to close or have employees who no longer can be paid. I work from home and am able to keep making jewelry and fulfilling orders in a safe way during this time, which is something I’ll never take for granted.

That being said, these are still stressful times to own a business. Markets that were scheduled for the next two months have been cancelled. Stores that sell my jewelry have closed. And I’m fully aware that in an economic crisis when jobs are lost and retirement funds are disappearing and we’re barreling towards a recession, buying jewelry is either completely out of mind at best, or impossible at worst.

Still, this is how I make a living, so the business must go on. I’ll still be here ready to make and send out jewelry. And I’m incredibly grateful for anyone who’s able to place orders during this stressful and uncertain time. To try to help ease the burden, the website will be 25% off for the next few weeks. Just use code “care2020” at checkout for the discount.

If you’ve made it to the end of this I thank you for your time. And yes, because my response to these wild times was to create some new stuff, these two stamped necklaces you see pictured are available for purchase.

Take care of yourselves, stay home if at all possible, remember to go outside (safely) every day, and as my Dad likes to say when things suck…