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Arrowhead Hunting

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A few months ago, I got to spend a few days in central Utah exploring nature and escaping the outside world. My family has a house just outside a tiny town that's just outside of Capitol Reef National Park. If you've never been to Capitol Reef, it looks like this:

It's a land of red rock cliffs and mesas, of lizards and pinyon jays, of juniper trees and wildflowers; it's a beautiful and peaceful place that feels off the beaten path. We spent some time hiking in the park, looking for cool rocks, and geeking out in the Visitor's Center. Back at the house, we took time to explore the property, particularly the riverbed:

I was on a mission. I'd heard that my dad, as well as a couple of neighbors in the area, had found arrowheads on their property. I immediately wanted to go arrowhead hunting myself, as I've always loved the idea of holding an authentic piece of history from a time so long ago and a life so different than the one I know. As a child, I was often drawn to the arrowheads sold in gift shops and rock stores, but I had never seen a real one in the wild before. 

Shockingly, it only took five minutes for my eyes to find the prize:

I almost couldn't believe I found it so quickly, but there it was: a real live arrowhead! It was thrilling. And it was inspiring. I wanted to create a piece of jewelry that would capture this feeling, and so the Arrowhead Necklace was born:

It's so simple, but already one of my favorite pieces as it came from this place of childlike wonder and discovery. I'm so excited to share it with the world. 

Here's to nature, to history, to exploration and to the joy of spending time with family, doing something as simple as hunting for arrowheads and cool rocks.