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Somewhere Out There

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Recently, I had to say a temporary goodbye to my fiancee as she left to attend PA school in Tennessee. Her school is in a teeny tiny (but beautiful!) town and she would have to be spending so much time in class and studying, we decided it made the most sense for us to split up geographically for the two years she's in school and have a long distance relationship. So, she's in Tennessee and I'm now back in my hometown of Salt Lake City.

Separating was certainly not easy, but the advantage of having a jewelry company is that I get to make custom (some might say cheesy) going away presents! I wanted to make something special for her; one part that she could hang on her new wall and look at every day, one part that she could wear on the necklace she never takes off.

I started by stamping lyrics from the classic An American Tail song on a brass plate:

I then made two moons cut from the same circle so they fit together perfectly - one for her to wear and one for me to wear:


I finished up by framing the brass plate next to a photo of us, which is in her new room now, and we both never take our moons off. When I'm missing her extra badly, I can touch the little moon and know that she's got the other half on her at that moment and I feel connected.