Farewell, and so much LOVE! - Swoon Jewelry Studio

Farewell, and so much LOVE!


Saying goodbye to Sahra. Saying hello to the new face of Swoon, Jessie Berggren.

A note from Sahra:

I'm not sure what lies ahead for me but I am so excited to open a new chapter in my life. The last 11 years have been nothing short of amazing thanks to all of you. What started as a dream and a jewelers bench in my dining room has grown into the most beautiful company that has its own heart and soul.

Swoon has seen people come and go, locations open and close, and received a new name more than once, marketing plans have changed, new designs have been introduced, and all with love & support of the beautiful community we have built.

I am beyond grateful for the endless support and patronage I have received over the years. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me see my dream come true. It's time to pass the torch to an amazing designer, businesswoman, and friend, Jessie. Some of you may not know her but for sure she has answered your emails helped make your orders, or made them entirely and made sure the wheels kept turning smoothly within swoon business for the last four years. I know Jessie is going to take such good care of Swoon and continue to create pieces that celebrate life and can't wait to see what she dreams up.

Please reach out, say hello and ask questions. For now I am going to focus on being a mama, running Love for Lily and exploring possibilities. I hope to see all of you along the way and am grateful to my core for the incredible journey we have been on together.

So much love and endless gratitude.

xoxo Sahra 

Hello From Jessie! 

After growing up in Salt Lake City, attending college on the east coast, and spending the majority of my 20's in Santa Monica, I visited Boulder for a weekend and fell in love. I was fortunate enough to have a welcoming brother, some new friends and the time to decide what I wanted to do for the next phase of my life. I stumbled upon a job opening at a local jewelry studio called Hot Mama Designs, owned by two women, and thought working with my hands in a creative, totally new field might be a nice change of pace from the desk job I had just left.

So it was five years ago that I walked into Sahra and Shannon’s studio and lives, and I have never looked back. They taught me everything they know about metalsmithing, jewelry designing/making, and running a business, all while keeping me laughing. I’ve since followed Sahra as we said goodbye to working with Shannon, relocated to the storefront in Louisville, and then moved into her backyard studio (twice) and I have continued to learn and grow. Sahra has been the most amazing and caring boss, mentor, and teacher. I couldn’t be prouder to accept this business she has spent so many years building.

I can’t wait to keep building and sustaining the legacy of sisterhood and celebration of life upon which Swoon was founded, and which continues to be an inspiration to me. I’m truly honored to keep working with, and creating for, you.