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Glimpse : Meet Dona


Dona Laurita is a photographer & artist {and our studio neighbor!}  She is the brilliant eye and mind behind "Chalice of Memory" the second installment of our Glimpse Collection.  We love the lines and light coming through the glass that makes it feel like it is sparkling.  Paired with raw diamonds, gemstones & sterling silver these pieces are are simple and stunning!

Meet Dona

A favorite piece of jewelry?

circle of life (!) - actually wearing it in my bio photo…hee hee! xo

What do you love most about what you do?

Transforming ideas and inspiration into tangible forms and engaging in ongoing collaboration

The lesson you keep on learning...

gratitude and patience

Daily Pratice?

watching the sunrise, waking up my two kids with cuddles and kisses, a morning hike, cup of hot strong coffee and then work that I love (most of the time…)

Any tricks to finding life balance?

creativity and original thought

What is on your bed side table right now?

“I Wanna Take Me a Picture”

"Literacy and Justice Through Photography"

Where do you find inspiration?

The natural world & deep meaningful conversations and connections with humanity 

Your favorite guilty pleasure ?

yikes! too many to name - seems I’m continually finding new ones to be indulgent with...

A risk you are glad you took?

being an artist

Be sure to check out Dona Laurita:

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