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Having A Voice


We wanted to take a moment and share with you - our customers, friends, and family our thoughts, and our belief that love always wins; that it is time to use our voices to lift up our friends, to show compassion to our adversaries and to embrace that we are different and unique and that these differences make us better and stronger.

This beautiful girl is pure joy. She has made me a mama, again, and has brought more laughter and light into our lives than I knew was possible. She has also brought responsibility to our lives. Responsibility to raise her up to be a kind, compassionate, respectful, strong woman. A woman that has love in her heart and empathy for every person she meets and knows that there is good in the world. 

As a mother, as a woman, as a wife, as a daughter, as a friend, I am determined to continue moving forward and cracking the glass ceiling. I believe that we cannot allow this election to tear us down and break us apart, and that it will actually bring us together. 

It is no longer ok to sit back and watch. It is time to get in the ring, it is time to move beyond social media commentary and staying comfortable and safe in my living room. I want to have the hard conversations and to push past the hate and anger. I want to be open to a dialogue of respectful disagreement and take a stand firmly in my belief that love always wins. I cannot tune out the "other side" any longer. I cannot hide from reality any more. It is my duty as a mother, as a woman.  

I stand for inclusivity, for life, for women's rights, for children's rights, for LGBTQ rights, for immigrants, minorities, for faith in all its forms, for equality no mater the color of your skin, for the tearing down of walls not the building of them, for paid maternity leave, for global health care for every person, for regulations on Wall Street, for community, for refugees, for love. 

We have a voice and it is time to start using it. I am using my voice to say I will not stand for racism, sexism, bigotry, hate crimes, or misogyny. We have a voice to say we will not stand for hate. I am tired of being silent, of sitting back and expecting someone else to fight the good fight. I am committed to getting involved. I am throwing my hat in the ring. I am committed to having genuine conversations and speaking my truth with love. I am committed to raising my daughter to stand up for what she believes and to speak up for all people's rights.  

Hillary Clinton has paved a road for women, broken through so many barriers and shattered so many ceilings. She is a heroine to me personally and I am eternally grateful to her for standing up and using her voice. I hope that my daughter grows up into a world where gender, race, faith, and sexual orientation do not divide us but bring us together. We need love, kindness, compassion, and hope more than ever. #imstillwithher #lovewins

All my love,