Introducing Glimpse! Meet Jennifer Mercede - Swoon Jewelry Studio

Introducing Glimpse! Meet Jennifer Mercede


Glimpse: This Guy G-Raff

Have you ever dreamed about a project? Thought about it in the wee small hours of the morning? Felt excited every single time it runs across your mind?  Well, you're looking at mine, Glimpse. 

Glimpse is a collaboration of jewelry & art.

One piece of original art is created by each artist, and from the piece of art we cut one inch circles that give people a glimpse of the full picture. An original piece of art unto itself. The piece is set into a bezel with a quartz crystal or resin above it. With each glimpse comes a print of the full original work.

The connection that is made between the glimpse of work & the original piece ~ the connection of all those that wear the pieces ~ the connection of artist to artist. We are so grateful to create with these amazing women.

Our first launch of Glimpse is from the incredible Portland based artist Jennifer Mercede.

We met through the fabulous Makerie experience.  Jennifer was a teacher and I was a helper and all at once was blown away by her doodle like art with the most incredible colors and gold paint {I big time love gold paint and gold leaf in art, it makes my heart pitter patter. Anyway, I digress}. Well a summer later we reconnected and she agreed to be a part of creating Glimpse. 2 years later {a new baby and a  summer residency} here we are so happy to present Glimpse: This Guy G-Raf 

Get to know Jennifer: 

Where do you find inspiration?  

Kids art. Graffiti. My friends' artwork.

A risk you are glad you took?

Jumping onto Periscope the other day. It was fun & it reminded me how I like to be goofy & free.

A favorite piece of jewelry you own, do you wear it or keep it tucked away?

A silver bangle bracelet that has 'And Lo I Am With You Always' written on it. My mother has one and gave one to me and both my sisters when my parents moved to Switzerland years ago. I love it so much and I wear it everyday. I take it off to swim. Funny thing is, I am actually on my third one. I lose it & I love it so much I ask my mother to get me another one .. hee hee..

What do you love most about what you do?

The freedom, to do what I want, to travel where I want, to work when I want. I LOVE IT!

Daily Practice:

Exercise, Prayer & Journaling. Everyday. xo

Any tricks to finding life balance? 

For me, its doing all three of the above things everyday. It really keeps me focused and balanced and feeling good :)

What is on your bed side table right now? 

A heart shaped stone/rock that I got from Taos, NM. a water bottle, its glass with green flowers and I think its pretty. my contact case & solution.

Your favorite guilty pleasure?

right now? its vegan chocolate mousse. YUM!

Jennifer Mercede was born in Long Beach, CA and grew up in Connecticut.  At a young age Jennifer began making art, inspired by her grandmother, a free-spririted watercolorist.  After graduating with a BA in Painting from Western Washington University, Jennifer tool a few years to live life, Bohemian style, enthusiastically checking off ; hitch-hiking to Alaska and back, Heli-skiing, leading Wilderness trips in the Everglades, living in her station wagon on Key West, renting out a corner of a corner of a Brooklyn artist Loft and selling handmade jewelry on the streets of Manhattan. 

In 2004 she landed in Portland and started to think about her future and her career.  She began to show in small coffee shops around Portland and with the loving support of a great community including other artists, art buyers and art world professionals, Jennifer truly began to emerge as an artist. Now her work is well known throughout Portland and is owned internationally. 

Her primarily abstract paintings consist of free flowing text, bright color fields, and crazy energetic doodling.  Internally guided they involve letting go, taking big risks and trusting that there is no such thing as a  mistake.   

Jennifer, thank you for sharing your art with us, we love it so and it has inspired and delighted us all along the way!  We are tickled to bring Glimpse to the world with you.