Welcome To Our New Home! - Swoon Jewelry Studio

Welcome To Our New Home!


Welcome to our new website!  We got a little facelift {ok it was an extreme makeover}.  

We are so happy you are here.  

If you are new to Swoon welcome!  Take a peek around and let us know what you think.  If there is anything that we can do to help you please drop us a note.  

If you are one of our awesome customers returning to look and see what is new the list below is for you too. 

A few of our favorite things: 

Mama Bear Necklace 

The Bar Necklace 

Ampersand Necklace 

We hope that you have as much fun shopping as we had making these lovelies! If you want to see what we were up to before this blog click over here to see.   We love that you are here and look forward to creating for you soon! 

xoxo The Swoon Team